About Me

I'm currently working as a software engineer at Repl.it where we're building the future of online, collaborative IDEs. Previously, I worked at Coda, Google, and Expo. In my free time, I build side projects, read books, run, skate, and powerlift.


I'm passionate about creating products that make people's lives easier. Here are some things I've built:


Schedule Helper

Chrome Extension that helps UC Davis students build their schedules by highlighting conflicts and displaying professor ratings. Over 15,000 monthly active users.


Expo In-App Purchases

React Native module and NPM package that abstracts over the native Android and iOS billing libraries and exposes a JS API to allow developers to monetize their RN/Expo apps.



CLI tool that converts forgotten TODO comments into actionable GitHub issues interactively. Written entirely in Rust.



Network graph visualization library for complex systems and simulations. Built on top of D3.js to expose a simple API for creating dynamic graphs with real-time events.


Nose Goes

Python application that allows a user to control their web browser entirely hands free using only facial gestures and voice commands. Built using OpenCV, Selenium, and GCP.


Smart Sensor

IoT Device that monitors the number of people in a room and automates lights to reduce energy consumption. Won Best Environmental Hack at HackDavis.


Speed Visualizer

Web application that allows you to visualize the distribution of speed for every trip recorded by Comma.ai on any given day from their dataset. Built using Flask, SQLite, and Mapbox.js.


Uncover Your Usage

Web application that uses a custom pretrained model to predict your annual energy usage based on an analysis of your household features. Built using Flask, Vue.js, and Keras.


Hit me up if you're in the Bay Area! I'd love to grab coffee and chat.